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Change Your Sugar, Change Your Life! is a book of hope.  Your health and longevity are based upon a healthy immune system and endocrine system.  Most sugars weaken the mind and body.  That is why healthful sugars are even more critical for the diabetic.

The author, JC Spencer, has invested nearly two decades studying, researching, writing, and teaching Glycomics, the science of sugars.

This book contains cutting edge information about sugars – the good, the bad, and the ugly.  You will understand the impact different sugars have on your body: healthful or harmful.  Regardless of your health status, there is hope for improving your health and brain function by changing the type of sugar in your sugar bowl.

In addition to the book, you will receive a weekly update of practical tips supported by scientific validation.  There is no charge, no obligation, and you can discontinue at any time.